Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sweet and Squishy

These are two words we use to describe the little boy in this house who turned 4 yesterday. Sweet, 'cause he is just really sweet, and squishy 'cause he so soft and cuddly and tender hearted and, well, you get the picture. Unfortuanately, sickly is another word we have to apply to my little Seb. I always love the change to cooler weather, except for the fact that it brings on his asthma. It was so bad this time around that we ended up in the ER last Wednesday, hooked up to breathing machines and being ex-rayed for pneumonia. Thankfully it hadn't gotten as bad as that, but it was a long day, and we were thankful to be released that evening. He felt better by yesterday however, and was able fully to enjoy his birthday festivities.

These pictures were taken at 0 dark-thirty, because we had a busy day doing some non-birthday related activities. Thankfully, when you are four, you don't feel cheated when you have to spend your birthday at Daddy's worksite. We had cake and gifts with Aunt Vee when we got home last night, but I didn't get any pictures since Steve filmed it. The video is way too long to upload here, but rest assured, he did manage to blow out all his candles, even with his puny lungs.

Waiting for the great balloon cascade.

Boys and Balloons- need I say more?

Mommy reveals some amazing balloon twisting skills.

Homemade donuts were the order of the day.

Happy Birthday Sebastien!

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