Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring happenings

So it snowed a bit today, but it really has been very spring like around here for the most part. We had a birthday party for Etienne last week, where the hoped for dive into his birthday cake left much to be desired. In fact, he was downright opposed to it at first. He poked and prodded at it a bit, but was unimpressed overall, and only ended up with a tiny chocolate moustache. That is where it comes in handy to have big brother who will gladly eat your cake, and even open all your new presents and play with them for you- all free of charge!
Saturday, my cousins and I went out for tea to celebrate Darcee and Callie's April Birthday's. We had a good time analyzing why Kvale's are the way they are. I was a little bit horrified to see in those photos, how enormously huge I already look this pregnancy. I am not even half way there! Ah well.
The rest of the weekend was spent working on cars and the house and cleaning etc. James tried to help daddy by putting his nose in the exhaust pipe. Not too helpful.
Oh, and we bought tickets to go home for Darcee's wedding today, so I will be spending several weeks in wonderful non-humid Washington this summer. Yeah! My pregnant body will thank me.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Baby Powder anyone?

I suppose it could have been worse; and hey, they smelled great the rest of the day!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy 1st, Little Man!

Just a few shots of my big one year old!! I can't believe it etc.... We are having a party later, so I'll try to take some shots there too.

Learning to ride on big brother's tractor.

His first real boo boo after falling down the porch steps. The price of being mobile I guess.

Just cute.

But even cuter with teeth!