Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Long Journey

So we had decided not to go home for Christmas this year. Then my mother bribed us home by the offer of a van if we would be crazy enough to drive it back. We decided that we were crazy enough, so we bought one way tickets. Before we left we had a little Christmas with just our kids and gave them a railroad track, with the tracks screwed down since I am opposed to the tracks being strewn all over the house, or the wailing tears from James every time Etienne breaks his track. They have really enjoyed it so far.

So anyway, we were scheduled to fly out the 21st. That didn't happen. Seattle was experiencing one of the worst snow storms in decades so our flight was cancelled. We got rebooked for the next night and then went to a hotel where we spent many hours watching television.

The next day we waited and waited, not knowing if our flight again would be cancelled. It was a very long day.

We made it, thankfully, only twenty four hours later than expected. Some people fared much worse. Once we were there, the snow was great fun and it was the first white Christmas our little family has had.

Christmas day was quiet and peaceful, and very festive. We all got many fun gifts including hats from grandma,

souvenirs from Scotland

and James got his beloved Buzz Lightyear (which he calls Buzz RightHere)

Apparently Etienne wanted one too.

Oh, and mom bought all the "little boys" nerf guns

We also had some good quality time with the cousins

Our stay was very short, just under a week, but we managed to get a shot of all the grandkids with grandma and grandpa before we left. There will be two more to add come March. Not from me this time!

Then we piled in the van and took off. The first leg of the journey was a trip through the night down south to my cousins most wonderful house in California.

The kids had a blast exploring the marvels of their yard including a delightful play house

and a thrilling suspension bridge leading to the log fort.

We wished we could have stayed a week, but we caught up on sleep and then headed East for 1700 miles : )
There isn't much to report from that trip- it all seems kind of a blur. We took a few shots somewhere in the middle of New Mexico

Other than that, it was just going and going and going. Crazy Steve decided not to stop for any nights so we made it in amazingly good time, but that last drive through the night was pretty much pure misery. But we are home and now we have a vehicle that fits our family much better, with room to spare. Hooray! Happy New Year to you all!