Thursday, September 6, 2012

My own little Calvin

Aunt Aubree gave James a book of Calvin and Hobbes for his birthday in June. Still not sure if that was a great idea, but it has been entertaining.

This was the not so original idea he came up with while I was making lunch today.

I tried to give him a pretend quarter to see what his great ideas were, but he wasn't having it, so I went on making lunch while he continued to hawk his wares. After a few minutes and still no takers, he changed his prices.

Still nothing. So he started issuing blank checks to his brothers so they could pay him.

Etienne paid for the great idea of cleaning the windows. Much to my surprise, he dutifully cleaned windows for the next ten minutes. Who knew that would work?

He finally knocked his price down so low that I couldn't refuse. I gave him a real penny and he "randomly" selected this particular piece of advice for me.

How could I refuse? I made him a popsicle.

And just for fun, here are a few more Calvin sales pitches that I hopefully won't be seeing around my house.

Have a happy day!


Bree said...

Sorry 'bout that. =}

Jason and Gretchen said...

My children are obsessed with Calvin and Hobbes. They have many volumes of Daddy's old books to go thru and constantly tell me about - like I have never seen them before. ;)

Leanne said...

My boys love Calvin. Jason sits and reads them aloud to the boys. I'm with ya, though, not so sure if its a good idea or not.