Saturday, May 31, 2008

Boys anyone?

So disregard the previous blog about my "knowing this was a girl. I can feel it." I was way off. I will soon be the lone female in a sea of Lewin men. It's a good thing we have built a huge loft room for the boys in the new house. The 'girls room' will have to wait a few more years.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

seven somethings

So I sat down and tried to figure out seven things about me that other people might want to hear, and I even learned some new things about the world along the way.

For instance, I was going to boast that I have swum in three of the earths four oceans (Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian) but then found out that in 2000, the Southern ocean was established- being all that cold cold water way down south. Three out of five oceans doesn't sound as impressive, but I have also taken a dip in the Mediterranean, and both the English and French sides of the English Channel.

I have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad fear of heights. I inherited it from my father. It is my only phobia, except maybe fear of cockroaches.

I have driven across this great country of ours seven times, and that in the space of only four years.

Since I misspelled the word in a first grade spelling bee, to this day I always second guess how to spell adress, I mean address, I mean adress......

I am a word game fanatic- especially Scrabble. My husband has never played a game with me. I am not sure why- I am not that competitive about it.

I really really really dislike reality t.v. Especially American Idol and Super Nanny.

A few friends and I once, by mere chance, ran into and shook the hand of his royal highness Charles, the crowned Prince of Wales. The next day we were front page in most of the British tabloids, and described as "hundreds of screaming American girls mobbing the Prince."

So I guess that is seven. I would tag some more people, but I think everyone I know in blog land has already been tagged a couple of times. Is this like a chain letter that will lead to the heartbreak of many many individuals if I don't continue it? Sorry.

Blogging difficulties

SO I haven't been able to log into my blog for quite a while now, but thanks to some help from my smarter hubby and the wonderful folks at gmail, here are some late pictures of graduation and the weekend we spent with my parents.

Five out of seven Pribyl women in one spot isn't bad. Congrats Darce!

Eating lemons at the celebration lunch at the Chattanooga Choo Choo.

James took these fine photos from our end of the table.

James had to see the choo choos of course.

We also went on a lovely little hike up the side of the mountain. It was very picturesque, but most of my pictures turned out too dark.

Thanks for your patience folks. And I know about three people have tagged me for that seven things about yourself thing. It might take me awhile to think of that many, but I will try.