Wednesday, November 7, 2007


So we had our little annual halloween party at Sarah's on Wednesday. It was really great- good food and fellowship, and of course who can resist all those little kids (ten kids three and under this year) dressed up. Steve and I really tried hard on our costumes this year. In case your wondering, I was a 'black eyed pea' and Steve is 'french onion soup'. I know, real creative huh? for all those Les Miserables experts out there, James was supposed to be little Gavroche, but for those who weren't savvy, we called him a street urchin. He was pretty upset when Steve took him outside to smear dirt on his clothes. Apparently he got used to the idea because he tried to do it again the next day, and he looked a little confused when I yelled at him not to get his clothes dirty. Poor kid.
We have had Moriah in town this week, which has been great. She left this morning and I don't envy her the 15 hour drive. it was good to see that James had no forgotten them yet, but now we will probably go through withdrawl again. Ah well.