Thursday, July 12, 2012

Let's Pretend

Let's pretend I have caught up on my blog by now. Let's pretend that I finished posting pictures of the rest of our wonderful vacation and a family reunion with 11 adults and 14 kids(the average age was 4- can you say exhausted?) Let's pretend that I have updated all the changes in our life right now, the most significant being my sister moving to town to be with us! And let's pretend I took tons of great shots of all our recent attempts at various pools and watering holes to avoid the 108 degree heat. Oh, and a fantastic fourth of July! Now that we have done that, we can relax on a cooler rainy day (thank you Lord!) and catch up with the garden.

Just one pic today of our afternoon project- Canning Mango Salsa! The only problem is, most of my jars are still filled with strawberry jam. Hmmmm. Does salsa freeze well?

I am proud to say that the only thing I didn't grow in this picture is the mango. And I did have to buy cilantro this morning because mine got scorched to death in the heatwave. Oh, and garlic- had to buy that too cause mine rotted. Okay, so we are not quite a self-sustaining farm yet, but we're working on it. We just need a cow, and well, some land.