Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Recapping a month

I am trying to figure out the best way to describe the last month of wedding, celebrations, and general family time without having to write for an hour. I think we accomplished our goal of spending lots of good quality time with family, and staying cool. It gets harder and harder every year to spend so much time away from Steve however. I kind of need his firm hand with the boys, and I just miss him a lot. The boys had a great time, despite a couple bouts with the flu and a period of confusion and trying to adjust to so many new people. I think I will just post a few pictures of random events.
The wedding was lovely, wonderful, full of spending time with almost all of my favorite people, and being slightly related to the Rayburns/Moons/Wykoffs now is a fun twist. I did a lousy job of taking pictures at the wedding so sorry. My kids weren't in it dressed all cute, and I was kind of balloony in my lovely yellow dress, so maybe that is okay.
We had a great fourth of july, and then a few weeks of at-home craziness while Chris and Jackie moved all their possessions into mom and dads attic in preparation for their move to Scotland. Then Joe and Darcee returned and had to try and move all of their stuff out, so lots of packing was going on. Chris and Jackie are also expecting their first baby in February. Yay! Someone else can have babies for a change!
We had a great birthday party for the four July birthdays- salmon and salad, and of course homemade ice cream for dessert. That's the kind of stuff I really miss. Oh, and the berries, which were late in coming this year, but I managed a huge handful of fresh raspberries for my last breakfast there.
Our annual family reunion was fun, although clouded over by a terrible bout of flu that both my boys got. They were still wimpy on the plane ride home, which turned out to be a blessing, since they both slept, and thankfully I didn't get it until after I got home, and then a really mild case. Steve got it too, unfortunately, so now we are spreading it around Chattanooga. welcome home Lewins!!
I am trying to catch up with laundry now, which was just made eighty times worse because Etienne threw a big can of pureed sardine paste into the dryer without my knowledge, and it has exploded, coating my dryer and all the clothes within with hot, cooked sardine. The smell, as you can imagine to a pregnant nose that hates fish anyway, is nauseating.
I suppose I must go and deal with it.

A little pre-wedding fun
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A lot of post- wedding exhaustion

Fourth of July on the water-

Reunited with Erika

The big baseball game

Bocce ball with the men folk

Fun with fireworks

A lovely walk down at the new golf course-

Water fight!-

Birthday Party-

She is showing a little early : )

Too tired to finish a bottle-