Friday, October 31, 2008

Life at home

Having three children now, one of whom needs to be fed every three hours, and not having a car on many days has made us homebodies on a whole new level. The feeling of being house bound also increases when one lives in a small house and when the weather gets colder. These are some pictures I took last week while Steve was gone to show what we do for excitement in our quiet, at home lives.

Friday mornings there is the garbage truck show that the boys never miss.

Their favorite new toy is my laundry baskets, which they fill with all kinds of treasures(books, diapers, food, dirt etc...) and push around the house. They also occasionally enjoy a few quiet moments of reading in them.

Some days, if you recall the baby powder post, they get into things without asking mom. This was far worse than the baby powder. It was a can of frosting. My floor still hasn't recovered.

After events like this, we turn to the television while I scrub.

As for this boy, well, he eats (he is 12 1/2 pounds already!) and he sleeps- a lot.

This last shot is one of several attempts I have made to get a decent picture of the three of them. As you can see, it hasn't worked very well yet. Ah well.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just me and the boys

So Steve decided I needed a 'how good a mother and wife are you?' test this week, and is out of town for ten days. Yes. Ten days.
Ten days of flying solo with my three boys. Now lest you think my husband is a jerk or unusually cruel, I must clarify that he is on a road trip with his father, who is here in the states on one of his rare visits. They are visiting some old and dear family friends, and, well, his father is only here once every several years soo... It has been alright so far. Granted, he only left yesterday, but so far we have only had one incident where every single person in the house was crying at the same time- including me. Steve couldn't have done anything about that anyway- not much you can do against post-partum emotions and fatigue. Today was much better, and the weather was about as gorgeous as it can get in Georgia, so I can't complain.
I wish I had more interesting things to say about my day, but I am in the stage where I am trying to fit the rest of my life in between nursing times, so if I seem distant or entirely absent, that is why. Moriah has managed to get me out of the house a few times, and the only reason I am updating my blog is that one of my aunts commented on M's blog that she keeps up on my life through her: ) So here it is from the horses mouth (what does that mean anyway?) I am keeping my head above water, but realizing more and more every day how much I am needing God's help to see each day through with any success. That is a good thing to realize. Maybe i will get things together enough to post some pictures soon- well, I suppose taking some pictures would be a good place to start.