Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First half of vacation

Well, we made it to grandma's two weeks ago. The flight was relatively uneventful, other than arriving at around 1 am, which was of course 4 am to us. Needless to say we have been tired, and fighting the early mornings thanks to a sun that rises at 5 am here. I finally had sense enough to black out the windows with blankets, so we have all been sleeping much better and are getting our energy back. It only took two weeks! We have also been very busy with cousins and what not, so I thought I would post a few pictures before I got overwhelmed with a full month's worth.

At the airport, waiting for our first flight.

I kept getting looks from everyone we passed like I was crazy for flying solo with four boys or something.

A little happy birthday to me (and my big sister.) We are a year and a week apart, and always used to have our birthday parties together.

A Saturday picnic down by the water on a day so beautiful, I wonder why we ever left this place.

Collecting crabs!

And a chilly, drizzly morning at the playground, which helps remind me why the South isn't so bad.

All in all, it's good to be home.


Jason and Gretchen said...

Glad you are having fun!!!

Jen Green said...

I just moved back to WA and in 2 weeks will be closing on our home. Right now we're staying just down the street from your parents. If your kids need other kids pretty much 3 little girls to play with we're around. We just moved from the south...Florida...and it's FREEZING HERE yet beautiful. I am so glad to finally be home and not just visiting.